DAPI M - Shortage Monitor: Installation of smartphone app

Provision for a trial period

The aim of this smartphone application is to showcase the feasibility (proof of concept) of a shortage monitor as a component of the DAPI project 'DAPI M-Shortage Monitor'. This entails gathering and analysing actual data.


Check the unavailability (%) of Virtual Medicinal Products (VMP) through a smartphone app on a daily basis.

  • VMP: Virtual Medicinal Product (The term Virtual Medicinal Product refers to a medication that is defined by its active ingredient name, dosage form and strength)
  • PZN: National code for (medicinal) products in Germany, the "Pharmazentralnummer" (In this context, 'PZN' refers to a specific product that is uniquely defined by a PZN.)
  • DAPI-Unavailability of a PZN (%):
    • The percentage of pharmacies that received at least one unavailability notification for a given PZN from wholesalers in the last seven days is calculated. If a pharmacy receives at least one availability notification from a wholesaler for a PZN on a given day, in addition to an unavailability notification, it will not be included in the calculation of the aforementioned proportion of pharmacies for that day and that PZN.
  • DAPI-Unavailability of a VMP (%):
    • Calculate the median of the DAPI unavailability values for the PZNs of the VMP.
  • Sectors:
    • DAPI-Unavailability of a VMP (%)
      • From 0% to less than 10% of pharmacies     >>   SECTOR A,
      • From 10% to less than 40% of pharmacies   >>   SECTOR B,
      • From 40% to less than 60% of pharmacies   >>   SECTOR C,
      • From 60 % to 100 % of pharmacies               >>  SECTOR D.
  • Rank of DAPI-Unavailability of a VMP:
    • The ranking is determined by the median sorting order of the VMP (in descending order), the maximum of the VMP (in descending order), the number of PZN (in ascending order), and the VMP name.


Install the smartphone application free of charge

  • iOS (Apple): Scan the QR code with your camera and open the link in Safari. Then, use the Share button to add the app to your home screen.
    Note: Apple will continue to support the use of the app as a progressive web app (PWA), including the ability to call it up directly via an icon on the home screen, with the release of iOS 17.4 in March 2024. Apple has withdrawn the announcement made in mid-February 2024 that PWA would no longer be supported [as of 04.03.2024].

  • Android: Scan the QR code using your camera and open the link in your browser (only works in Chrome). Then, tap 'Add to Home Screen' (usually located at the bottom).


Unlock code ("Freischaltcode") for first-time start

Upon launching the application for the first time, an Unlock Code ("Freischaltcode") will be requested.

The unlock code you enter is stored locally on your phone. From this point forward, you will no longer be prompted to enter the Unlock Code when you continue to use the DAPI M application.

You will be asked for a valid unlock code only after we have invalidated it. If this is the case, you can obtain a new unlock code using the link below.

Display the unlock code ("Freischaltcode") using a DocCheck account

Professional groups authorised via DocCheck will receive an unlock code via the link provided on this website.

Please note that a DocCheck account is not necessary to use the DAPI M app. The DAPI will not receive any data from the DocCheck account. A DocCheck account is only required to display an unlock code here on this website.

Show an unlock code ("Freischaltcode") using DocCheck: