Learnings from Regional Market Dynamics of Originator and Biosimilar Infliximab and Etanercept in Germany

Pharmaceuticals 2020, 13, 324.

Interessenskonflikte: S.S., I.H. and A.G.V. have founded the KU Leuven Fund on Market Analysis of Biologics and Biosimilars following Loss of Exclusivity (MABEL). S.S. was involved in a stakeholder roundtable on biologics and biosimilars sponsored by Amgen, Pfizer and MSD; he has participated in advisory board meetings for Pfizer and Amgen; he has contributed to studies on biologics and biosimilars for Hospira (together with A.G.V. and I.H.), Celltrion, Mundipharma and Pfizer, and he has had speaking engagements for Amgen and Sandoz. A.G.V. is involved in consulting, advisory work and speaking engagements for a number of companies, a.o. AbbVie, Accord, Amgen, Biogen, EGA, Pfizer/Hospira, Mundipharma, Roche, Sandoz. E.M., T.B.L., G.G., S.E., M.S. and G.S. declare no conflict of interest.